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Greetings from Kent Hall

President of the Aldo Leopold Audubon Society

Kent Hall's professional life was spent as a Professor of Biology at UW-SP.  For 30 years he taught courses (14 different ones) in the Biology Dept., with the main one being Animal Physiology.  He always used birds as examples in his classes.

For 25 years, he has been on the Audubon Board in different positions, including V-P.  He has served as Conservation Chair for 5 years, as Coordinator of the Stevens Point Bird City Wisconsin Program for 7 years, Coordinator of the Plover Bird City Wisconsin Program for 6 years and as Coordinator of the Audubon Bluebird trail for 16 years.

Kent has extensive fund-raising experience for conservation projects, current total standing at $3.2 million.  He has been the main fund-raiser for the MREA building, the Education and Visitor's Center at Mead State Wildlife area and the Educator's Trust Fund at Mead State Wildlife Area.

He is looking forward to his interaction with Audubon members and hopes to promote "Advocacy"

on the Board and membership.      Kent Hall

As you peruse the webpage, we invite you to consider joining our ALAS team.  Attend a presentation, volunteer for one of our work day, or be a behind the scene financial support person.  Our annual and long range goals will be reached through your guidance and assistance.  Join our team and become a member of ALAS. 

Monthly Calendar of Events

In an attempt to help people plan out programs and field trips they wish to attend, below is a full month calendar of events related to nature and protecting our environment.  We will attempt to include other community events that fit with the mission of the

Aldo Leopold Audubon Society.
Click here for: February 2018

Upcoming ALAS Programs

& Field Trips 

ALAS Calendar of Programs and Events 2017-2018

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*  Please note that if Stevens Point schools are closed due to weather, the ALAS program for that day will be
    cancelled and rescheduled.

ALAS Monthly Program

    February 21st
    Birds and Mammals of Kruger National Park, South Africa
    Speaker: John Munson

Field Trips

    Sunday, February 24th
    Wisconsin Rapids River Walk
    Gerry Janz, 715-340-3834

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Special Announcement

Trump Administration Reverses Policy On Protecting Migrating Birds

The Trump administration has reversed a key policy for protecting migrating birds. Officials say a century old federal law is outdated, and poses a burden for utilities and energy companies.  For NPR story click here.

GBBC Bird Count

Below are a few sites for GBBC bird count and the Year of the Bird.  The Year of the Bird is cosponsored by National Geographic and National Audubon.

"Did Santa bring new electronics?” 
If you are wondering what to do with your old electronics, below are some a few suggestions for you.






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The Aldo Leopold Audubon Society 2017 - 2018 Grant Program

Your local Audubon Society is providing grants of up to $300! The grants are available to be used for environmental education programs and projects in the Central Wisconsin Region including Portage, Wood, Marathon and Waupaca counties.  
Click here for further details.

Aldo Leopold Audubon Society Annual Campaign 

Your gift this year will support ongoing projects sponsored by ALAS. You can be assured that all money donated will benefit our local economy, increase wildlife habitat, and save special places for our citizens.   Click here for Contribution Form.

Good News on Bird City from Kent Hall
Auduboners: Hard work has paid off.  Here is the announcement from the Director of the BCW program, Bryan Lenz, that Stevens Point has won its 7th consecutive BCW award (last 6 are High Flyer Awards).  We have much to be thankful for, but especially for the support of Mayor Mike Wiza and the City Council.  It is a good collaborative effort.  Click here for Letter from Bird City Wisconsin.

Interesting Articles

The Moral Cost of Cats
A bird-loving scientist calls for an end to outdoor cats "once and for all".

National Audubon Updates
Explore the world of birds with Audubon's completely re-imagined website.

Here are some documents that will give you a broader picture of recent accomplishments across the National Audubon network: a timeline of recent achievements, the October 2014 President’s Report, a packet of media clips featuring Audubon in the news and media highlights from the climate launch.

New: Monthly ALAS Programs on YouTube

Check them on our Media Collection page.